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3antar & 3abla

Meet my new little friends: 3antar-3abla

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Wanted: Wife For Bojacob – Rules Updated :P

Our friend Bojacob is the only “Human” co-worker left in our department that is still a bachelour ( G. i said Human so shush ). This contest is set to find him a wife. Rules: Participant age must be between 0.0001  & 999.999 Participant must have some geeky Genes Participant must be willing to live … Continue reading »

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NBK Practical Joke ? – Updated. Again

09-10-2008:  they replied 😀 “Dear Mr Mohammed, Reffering to your request, kindly note that i have check your number and it is the same as the one you gave it to us, expanding the mobile number field in order to accept 8 digits instead of 7 digits, kindly note that for the time being our … Continue reading »

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Which do you prefer ?

Many ppl love soft drinks other s hate them, but from those who love soft drinks some prefer the taste of one over the other and can know the difference  so please vote on:

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منقول – أغنية فريج و قصة القصيدة بص العيايز

كعادته مر سريعا, لم يلحظ أن أحدا يرقبه ويتابع سيره, ولو لاحظ فإنه لا يهتم كثيرا, فكثيرة هي العيون التي تترصده وتسكنها الحيرة من حركة الباص في مثل هذا الوقت. كانت الساعة قد جاوزت الثالثة مساءً, وكان سائق الباص يقود شاحنته مسرعا, ويتوقف عند كل بيت. ضجيج الباص وصوت المنبه المرتفع, يجعل السيدات يتحركن مسرعات … Continue reading »

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101 Ways To Annoy People

i Quoted this site from SweetD’s Blog “101 Ways To Annoy People” Thank You SweetD

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Made in Kuwait – 7711

منو فيكم لحق على دعاية سبعه سبعميه و هداشر ؟؟

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بعد الدين صار عنده خمر ؟!؟

مشكلة لما اللي بالمطاعم يكتبون اللي يلفظونه مسكين قمرالدين اسمه شحلاته صار خمر الدين

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Where is my Camera ? * UPDATED *

Finally my sweet camera is back from its long mysterious journey & guess what they still didn’t call me when it arrived i thought why don;t i call and check the guy said “yes sir it arrived yesterdaY APHTERnoon” anyway i don’t care anymore as long as she is with me 😀 (May 27th 2008) … Continue reading »

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Name the Tune..

Seems like every summer there is a tune i need to find, this one is from a music box i bought from Shinzin China the guy was supposed to send me the MP3 for it but i guess not he mentioned something that sounded like star light or sun angel or star angel realy can’t … Continue reading »

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