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Fruits and Veggies Look Like Body Parts

i found this amazing article about how some fruits and veggies are similar to human body parts and how useful they can be to these parts here is the posted Quoted from Robin P.’s Blog: Have you ever looked at a fruit of vegetable and thought it looked like a body part. There’s a reason … Continue reading »

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Health Company: Day 10

I’m currently subscribed with Health company for a month, so far so good. I posted my previous menus and meals on facebook and twitter, now I will start here 🙂 Today is day 10: Lunch: Dawood Bacha Served with Rice Vermicelli, Taboule Salad & a snack of Rice & Milk Pudding with Mistique Dinner: Sajj … Continue reading »

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First Potluck At Work

Today we had our first Potluck* event at our company Honestly this was a new experience for me, everyone participated in a home made dish and some sweets, it was a great event and a delicious one too 🙂 Here are some pictures from the event ( Before as you might not want to see … Continue reading »

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