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BasBoos vs. Green Laser

This is my first attempt to use iMovie Hope u like it [youtube_sc url=j9DCiZ8b2WQ width=430]

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Basboos Bored

[youtube_sc url=FQDBHe_t79g width=430]

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My Cats vs. Catnip

[youtube_sc url=COuAX1v5Rbw width=430] [youtube_sc url=k3qhhcgm7q4 width=430] [youtube_sc url=3ossKqYLXrc width=430]

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Memo & Basboos

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Thundersub الغواصه الزرقاء

Remeber this show ? تذكرون الغواصه الزرقاء ؟ Earth has managed to find peace until the arrival of the Death Force – ruthless aliens from a dying solar system – who are desperately searching for a new home. Attacking the Earth with a massive satellite ship called Terror Star, the aliens proceed to terraform the … Continue reading »

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From My Calendar: January

i received a valuable calendar from GIC titled: The Ingenuity of the Islamic Golden Age. each month talks about one of the great Islamic scientists of that age, i will post them here ابن حيان كان ابو موسى جابر بن حيان 721-815 متعدد أوجه الثقافات والمعرفه, فيلسوف, خيميائي, كيميائي, فلكي, منجم, مهندس, جيولوجي, فيزيائي, صيدلاني … Continue reading »

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Sharm El Sheikh

i just came back from a short trip to Sharm, and it was Fun.. Good Bye P.S: this is the summary we will follow up with details later when i get my stuff out of the bags

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ليش هالايام الزحمة زايده بشكل مو طبيعي؟ الكل قرر يداوم؟ و كلهم قرروا يداومون عقب الثمان؟

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No Ordinary Family S01E01

A typical family has special abilities. IMDB:

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Double Images/Shadows on external Screen

There was an issue after i used the iMac for a while my old monitor seemed to be well… incomparable. i used it as a secondary monitor but it seemed to have a slight shadow and kinda ghost images. Turned out the VGA cable i used was bad, replacing the cable fixed the issue.

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