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Changing your Phone Address book

Posted by on August 19, 2008

As you al might know by now the ministry is going to implement their new numbering plan to add a new digit to all numbers in Kuwait, this is a headache for ppl with lots of contacts like myself so i was thinking of a way to automatically do this without having to go through each and every entry in my address book and figure out how it will be changed.

Here is a little excel program i made with the help of my friends to resolve this issue
how it works :

i used microsoft outlook 2003 to sync with my mobile and get all my contacts.
using outlook export the address book to csv ( windows ) file
run the converter if you have high security settings on your excel set to medium to allow you to accept or reject macros.

open your newly created csv file then select the sheet and right click on the tab and select move/copy
select copy then choose the converter.xls as the destination
once its there create another copy inside the converter on the new copy go to the first number cell and replace the content with =CheckNum() then move the cursor between the () and go to the original sheet and click the same field this will take the value from the first sheet and convert it in the new sheet it should look something like this =CheckNum(!Sheet11:A1)
now just drag that cell to cover the other cells/ rows with phones and all your numbers will be converted according to the new plan

to restore :
make the new sheet as the active sheet and goto file / save As / choose to save it as .csv ( comma separated value ) and on outlook select import ( other files ) then choose the new csv file and walllaaa you are set.

-The program will change 6 or 7 digit numbers.
-if the number was longer than 7 digits it will check if it starts with 965 or +965 and apply the changes to result a new 8 digit number without the +965 or 965.
-Program can be used with any list of numbers you need to change ( Personal address books, notes …etc )

Special Thanx to :
Faisal Al-Adwani
Nasser Al-Hilal
For their contributions in this project

if you have any comments/suggestion please feel free to leave them in a comment

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