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Health Company Count down

As I am approaching the end of my health company subscription by next week I think I can do it on my own now. Reduce amount of junk food Add more veggies Reduce quantities The most important part which I’m not yet doing is exercise. Sorry Abid I’m posting food again

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Health Company: Day 23 & 24

Sorry Day 23 has no food pictures i ate it all 😛

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Health Company: Day 22

It was fine until dinner… It all went fine until… we went to the Burger place in 360 Mall after watching the “How to train your Dragon” IMAX movie which was Awesome btw 😀

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Health Company: Day 21, 6 more to go.

I’m approaching the last week of my Healthy Diet Subscription, after this month ( 28 Days ) i will run another Blood test to compare results. Last weekend was a disaster.. Chaos .. Total Destruction.. BR. ICECREAM CAKE Ahhhhh Enough Drama.. here is Today’s Menu and food enjoy :

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Health Company: Day 17

* I LOVE CHOCOLATE * The Menu, The Box & The Meal.. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 😛

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Health Company: Day 15

Sorry didn’t get a pic for dinner & i had to bite the snack before posting it 😛

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Health Company: Day 12 / Day13

Day 12: Due to Some Technical difficulties on Friday i couldn’t take pictures or post the menu Soryyyyyy. Here we Go : Breakfast: Hommos Balila, Olive Oil, Fresh Mint, White Pita Bread. Snack: Whole Fruit Lunch: Chicken breast in spinach & Feta sauce with Mixed vegetable Salad Snack: Yummy Chocolate Muffin Dinner: Roast chicken with … Continue reading »

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Newlife: My first cup

I ordered a pack of Newlife tea after a friend recommended it yesterday. I just received the package Instructions: simple, get mug, put hot water, put the teabag and i brewed my first cup. Smell: has a herbal arouma Taste: is not bad almost has no taste. Reducing sugar levels: before:156 mg/dL (8.67 mmol/L) after … Continue reading »

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Fruits and Veggies Look Like Body Parts

i found this amazing article about how some fruits and veggies are similar to human body parts and how useful they can be to these parts here is the posted Quoted from Robin P.’s Blog: Have you ever looked at a fruit of vegetable and thought it looked like a body part. There’s a reason … Continue reading »

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Health Company: Day 10

I’m currently subscribed with Health company for a month, so far so good. I posted my previous menus and meals on facebook and twitter, now I will start here 🙂 Today is day 10: Lunch: Dawood Bacha Served with Rice Vermicelli, Taboule Salad & a snack of Rice & Milk Pudding with Mistique Dinner: Sajj … Continue reading »

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