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Civil ID Check

Posted by on December 29, 2008

i was checking out Dr Mahbob’s Blog and saw this interesting formula to check if a civil ID number is valid, i converted this formula into a web tool to share with you all :
Check Your Civil ID

Enjoy 😀

16 Responses to Civil ID Check

  1. ام عبدالله

    يعطيك العافيه

  2. mjkout

    ام عبدالله : allah e3afeech inshala 6ala3 raqmich el madany sa7 ?

  3. Mahbob

    Well done 🙂

  4. mjkout

    Mahbob: Wouldn’t have done it without your equation 🙂

  5. PaLoMiNo

    WOW mashallaa 🙂

  6. PaLoMiNo

    btw my ID 6ala3 Valid ashwa hehehe ;p

  7. mjkout

    PaLoMiNo: lol ashwa

  8. nemo

    ya we use a formula @ work too … cuz we have a form with a civil id field, gets validated against the formula

    thnx 🙂

  9. mjkout

    nemo: anytime 😀 hope you found this useful

  10. NavyGirl

    yalla lemme check out all people i know ids lol D:

  11. mjkout

    Lol Navy don’t abuse it or i will start charging you 😛

  12. Shoush

    Interesting 😛

  13. syed intsar hussain


  14. Asanka bandara serasingha

    I need to check my id & driving li have any trubble ?

  15. Shamshid


  16. Shamshid

    Check id

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