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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Night 1: I arrived here at around 8:00PM and reached the hotel at around 9 after finishing the check-in procedures and unpacking my necessary gear for the job at night. i went out bought some stuff for the fridge mainly BIG bottles of water those little ones there are insufficient for my consumption 😛 after … Continue reading »

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This weekend & Power Failures

i had a cool adventurous weekend, it started with Rock band with the gang (finally) then a rerun of annimatrix (thanx Falantan ) then a crazy run of ” little big planet ” which got interrupted by a call from my colleague who got trapped in the building after an unfortunate event of a Power … Continue reading »

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Hairy a new look…

Hairy has been spending his time surfing the web using his telepathic powers hacking into my wireless connection and downloading all he can to learn about our culture.. Today he was influenced with the amount of movies and TV shows he saw and asked me to give him a new look. And this is the … Continue reading »

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A fine day…

u might all have noticed the change in weather today… regardless of the massive amount of dirt on the cars around you that is. i got some decent pictures from my office window and some included Abid having breakfast at 4:00PM.. guess the fine weather made him forget to eat. P.S: That tiny thing was … Continue reading »

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My Friend Hairy….

Hairy is a creature from another planet/time/dimension he came to visit our planet to learn the ways of the Earth men. Unfortunately his plan didn’t work as expected… i found this object that looked like a potato at first i thought it was a rock but then i realized it is a head of a … Continue reading »

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Head Thingy Wingy…

This tool is used for head massage you just move it vertically on your head and enjoy the tingling sensation 🙂 i was introduced to this tool by a friend when it had a name “Copper Topper” that was more than 5 years ago, there where some imitations but they didn’t give the same feeling … Continue reading »

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Google Reader ( A bless or a curse )

Ever since i started to use google reader to follow my fellow bloggers my comment rate went down dramatically.. The good thing about it is that it collects all the blogs i like to follow in one page, but i’m too lazy to go to the original page to place my comments. So to all … Continue reading »

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