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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Sweet of the day

Cup cake with molten chocolate

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Health Company: Zero Day

Based on a request of a friend being pressured to subscribe to the service by his wife i shall stop posting my daily food posts 😀 HAPPY NOW ABID ? 😛 But the food i’m getting is Soooo GooD btw i changed my Subscription to “Take a Break” which delivers only during weekdays due to … Continue reading »

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Welcome to the world of Java

I’m usually not a Coffee person but this is about to change. i few days back my friend was telling me about the Nespresso machine and how easy it is to make coffee with it using the cartridges, i wasn’t interested in getting one until i saw the showroom the other day i was at … Continue reading »

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Health Company: Day 23 & 24

Sorry Day 23 has no food pictures i ate it all 😛

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Health Company: Day 22

It was fine until dinner… It all went fine until… we went to the Burger place in 360 Mall after watching the “How to train your Dragon” IMAX movie which was Awesome btw 😀

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SMS Power Failure Notification

We get frequent power failures at home due to ( our neighbor overloading his sockets and playing alot with electricity ) i setup this small system to notify me when power goes off and returns, unfortunetly i had this setup months back but due to a hardware failure i lost all settings. Last night i … Continue reading »

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Health Company: Day 21, 6 more to go.

I’m approaching the last week of my Healthy Diet Subscription, after this month ( 28 Days ) i will run another Blood test to compare results. Last weekend was a disaster.. Chaos .. Total Destruction.. BR. ICECREAM CAKE Ahhhhh Enough Drama.. here is Today’s Menu and food enjoy :

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Health Company: Days 18,19 & 20

Day 18: Day 19: Friday, Father’s House.. i stuck with the plan until lunch time then….. you don’t want to know 🙂 Sorry No images Friday Day 20: Saturday: Again going to Fathers house.. God have Mercy on me and give me the will to resist mom’s delicious cooking…

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Health Company: Day 17

* I LOVE CHOCOLATE * The Menu, The Box & The Meal.. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 😛

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Health Company: Day 16

Thank you HC Driver now i’m getting the meals earlier than before +10 HC Driver Cheat: i had some pieces of home made coffee chocolate in the morning..

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