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Monthly Archives: August 2008

مبارك عليكم الشهر – Ramadan Mubarak 2008

Due to a natural disaster this post had a super natural mutation due to recent data migration.. actually the fonts got so messed up after i migrated it was way beyond repair 😛

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Changing your Phone Address book

As you al might know by now the ministry is going to implement their new numbering plan to add a new digit to all numbers in Kuwait, this is a headache for ppl with lots of contacts like myself so i was thinking of a way to automatically do this without having to go through … Continue reading »

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Would u make up your mind please ?

Our traffic lights are going crazy, i got this pic in a split second right after the lights went green and see what i got.. so is it green or red ? or Both even..

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nice date 😀

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New Camera…

Ever since my camera had its incident i had this dream to get a DSLR professional camera i was aiming at the Nikon D300 but the return of my camera delayed this project the problem is it returned with a different personality and didn’t seem to like me that much … actually the size of … Continue reading »

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Plane Crashes in mysterious accident…

a commercial plane loaded with thousands of precious items mysteriously went missing last week.. it was suspected that the plane was hijacked or shot down.. after investigating and searching for days the remains of the plane where found to be melted as if it went under extreme heat … did the pilot loose his way … Continue reading »

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