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Monthly Archives: January 2008

And once again guess what … Exams

Tomorrow is my last exam for this semester, and i’m supposed to be studying  but you know my evil soul always tries to distract me from doing so. luckily i ran out of animations and new downloaded movies, and the last game i played was civilizations IV which i finished first day so i had … Continue reading »

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Weather in Kuwait

This morning was i left home and although the temp reading was 15c i could barley feel my hands and my feet where frozen never felt like this probably its a sign i’m getting old * Cough *,  i’m not a big fan of the heater as it tends to make my ears go red, … Continue reading »

Categories: Fun, health, Kuwait, Weather | 6 Comments

Exams Once again…

oh yeah its that time of year again where i “have to” study for final exams… weird thing at this time everything other than studying becomes so interesting even the boring tv shows become sooo funny. i started watching an old cartoon  series ” Faris al Fatha’ ” or “Captain Future”  to remember the past … Continue reading »

Categories: Cartoons, Fun, Kuwait, Misc, Pictures | 3 Comments

Diabetes * a new hope *

During my search for alternative medication for Diabetes i found several studies talking about the benefits of cinnamon .. yes cinnamon to help reducing and controlling Type II Diabetes. i have personally tried it alongside with my medication and it helped reducing my sugar levels which the medication alone didn’t reduce. These are some links … Continue reading »

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!Swimming With Sharks…

These guys are the Top of the food chain they are amazing. Took these pictures at the in Kuwait [pluginpicasacumulus id=”5189549714171684721″]  

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i’m Back

3eedkoum mbarak, merry xmas , happy new year 2008 ,  happy birthday ( for anyone who i missed their birthday )  … i missed all these  events due to my lovely ( not ) school work , i spent the past 3 weeks buried in preparing for exams, group work homeworks, and being sick. i … Continue reading »

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