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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Finding Your Path – Part 1

i wish to share with you this jewel i received from a friend i’m writing this in Arabic just as i received it this is the first part of a series of steps to help you regain your self and take control over it i hope you can benifit from them just as i did: … Continue reading »

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NBK – The Saga Continues… – Updated again

Day ??? + 3: “Dear Mr Mjkout,  the related department have confirmed that your problem is resolved please let us know if you get more messages” later … Beep Beep    beep  Beep     New SMS     heh gueass what  MR 0110 just got 200KD 😛 Day ???:  i really lost count “Your account 0110 has been debited … Continue reading »

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Wanted: Wife For Bojacob – Rules Updated :P

Our friend Bojacob is the only “Human” co-worker left in our department that is still a bachelour ( G. i said Human so shush ). This contest is set to find him a wife. Rules: Participant age must be between 0.0001  & 999.999 Participant must have some geeky Genes Participant must be willing to live … Continue reading »

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NBK Practical Joke ? – Updated. Again

09-10-2008:  they replied 😀 “Dear Mr Mohammed, Reffering to your request, kindly note that i have check your number and it is the same as the one you gave it to us, expanding the mobile number field in order to accept 8 digits instead of 7 digits, kindly note that for the time being our … Continue reading »

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Kuwait Banks – Updated

Vote for your Favorite Bank(s):

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