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Health Company: Day 11

Posted by on March 31, 2010

Today my box was delayed by traffic (yeah Abid you can make fun of it)

Breakfast: we have yellow cheese,cucumber in a multi grain brown bread with a nice juicy red apple as a snack.

Lunch:chicken machboos with daqoos, season salad and a snack of veggi samboosa

Dinner: manoushet hommos with caesar salad and a snack of apple and fruit yougart.

3 Responses to Health Company: Day 11

  1. chikapappi

    how much are you paying for it?

  2. mjkout

    Chika: KD220 for the Royal Package. man health is expensive these days

  3. Ata

    Damn!!!! I always had the feeling that I am in the wrong business….

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