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5 Responses to NBK Joke – Day 3

  1. Q8GEEK

    SUE THEM!!!! SUE THEM!!!!

  2. Shoush

    Lol. ish-hal 7ala. Allah y3eenik. ๐Ÿ˜› Update us. I also place a bet that they’ll stop ur service too.

  3. mjkout

    Q8GEEK : Chan zain chan zain chan zain

    Shoush : lol cham el bet ?

  4. PaLoMiNo


    hey wansa ;p abe chethe ey9eer ma3ay ;D

    my mobile sakit 6oool il yooom! at least ey9eer shwyat action ;D

  5. mjkout

    PaLoMiNo: 7athren i’ll give your number to our Network fault system admin to add it to the list.
    beleive me your mobile mara7 yaskit ๐Ÿ˜›

    BTW: since yesterday i’m not getting anything from them … total silence shakla 7ata my service tkansilat lol

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