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NBK Practical Joke ? – Updated. Again

Posted by on October 10, 2008

09-10-2008:  they replied 😀

“Dear Mr Mohammed,

Reffering to your request, kindly note that i have check your number and it is the same as the one you gave it to us,

expanding the mobile number field in order to accept 8 digits instead of 7 digits, kindly note that for the time being our system accepts only 7 digits which will be valid until further notification.  Expanded will be fixed soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience”


1st day of work after a long vacation just had my morning Tea/Milk while browsing the web i hear my mobile sms alert i got this sms from 801801 ( NBK ):

“Your account 0110 has been credited with 500.000 KWD on 05/10, 08:38. The available balance of your account is 600.000 KWD “

i started to wonder who or what or why i suddenly got 500KD in my account ?

Ramadan blessings and  i won Aljawhara ? ( no i don’t even have one )

late 3eedyea ? ( don’t know anyone that rich 😛  )

did someone send me a gift ?  ( not my birthday )

while i was squeezing my brain trying to think about the source of this amount i logged into my account and checked the balance it was not 600KWD it was more like 300 fils or something 😛 oh and my account wasn’t 0110 anyway

turns out to be a glitch in NBK’s SMS banking probably they didn’t update their numbering scheme or they did and that caused some bug in the system probably they sent someone else’s details to me ( Lucky guy  care to share some of your reward ? 😛    )

ah well back to work… and thank you NBK for making me live those exciting seconds of my life 😛


UPDATE : i got an sms again stating that the pin number has been successfully selected,  so i call 801801 to report this  the guy was like ” La wallah ?!!? ” so ya36eh el 3afya he removed my number from the system and reset my sms service.

next morning i get another SMS : “Your account 0110 has been debited with 55.750 KWD on 7/10, 09:53. The available balance  of your account is 544.250 KWD” seems like the 500KD guy is a bit busy this morning i checked the online page and got a reply from one gentleman stating that he rest my SMS service  this was before i got the new SMS…

Conclusion : i will be able to track down all this guy’s transactions until someone at NBK finally realises that the new customer gave them the wrong number or he forgot to add a 9 infronnt of his number,   i wonder if someone else is getting my SMSs .. well seems we have to wait for the next salary to know 😛   unless someone would be so generous to deposit  100000000000 KWD in my account ( for testing reasons !Honest )

13 Responses to NBK Practical Joke ? – Updated. Again

  1. forzaq8

    what a bad joke
    but that bring a question

    why you have 300 fils only at the start of the month ? you need to save or get a job :p

  2. chika

    allah yesalmak, 3andi 7sab el jawhara men sent jeddy – yaddi! wala marra rbe7t and since am Satan’s child shakly mara7 arba7.. if I got that sms I would have been at the hospital now men heart attack and pls sue them for emotional distress :p

  3. Q8GEEK

    I would have a heart attack if I received that sms =P

  4. Abdulla

    Hi first of all I think you should update your information with their system its not their problem or fault! however I believe that your number now was assigned to someone else and u bought it later since the old customer has an account with nbk its normal to receive those sms form nbk you should update ur info as well as the other client , it is your responsibility.

  5. mjkout

    forzaq8: lol our month started way too early this month + ramadan/eid expenses + i move them to the other account to escape sudden visa charges.

    Chicka : law kanat 550 chan yimkin heart attack bas i’m immune to 500s 😛 as for the sue issue i need a good lawyer ( AKA you )

    Q8GEEK : gimme your bank account lemme kill you.

    Abdulla : you either own NBK or work there, i’ve been with them since i was a kid thats even before they had SMS or even mobiles 😛 and all my info is updated and my mobile is old, its been working fine for ages only today they did this so it seems i’m off the hook this time (also if you know anyone there tell them to update the contact field to accept the new 8 digit numbers 😉 )

  6. Abdulla

    is it a problem being an nbk staff or workiong there? heheh i can ask you to give me your civil id number to check upon your Data but anyway our system has this problem ONLY WITH YOU !! which is weird

  7. mjkout

    Abdulla: its obvious from the defensive attitude 😀 anyway i already contacted your co-workers and will update you on their reply 😉

  8. Abdulla

    Defensive attitude ?!

    Are you convinced about what you wrote? There is a significant problem in people who do not admit that they are mistake
    That is another problem in addition to the first problem
    and now they should update me ! thats cool and nice 🙂

  9. mjkout

    Abdullah: chill out dude no need to go berserk its not that NBK’s system is built by god and is 100% perfect, i admire your loyalty to them but they have flaws whether you accept this fact or not ( dunno if you are mad coz i have only 300 fils in the account 😛 ) , they either messed up their database records or they allowed someone else to enter my number in his profile as i told you before i will update you when i get a reply ( if i get it ) if you can assist in this issue please let me know.

  10. Abdulla

    Sure i will do my best 🙂

  11. Don Veto

    Ouch, NBK are vicious, I am glad I don’t have an account there.

  12. mjkout

    Don Veto: Lucky you… which bank are you btw ?

  13. NavyGirl

    oh please dont talk about banks !! did you hear about what happened in Dubai ??? my god they started stealing madry sheno !!

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