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Ni Hao

Posted by on February 6, 2008

I’m Back 😀

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China was a new adventure for me from the preparation till the end.

i’ll start with the preparations some ppl told us that the weather there is just like Kuwait, and there is no edible food or bread there even drinking water is hard to find :/

so our group started stacking tons of food for the trip i remember seeing 20 bags of bread in each bag… and tons of noodles and other stuff enough to feed a whole continent.

our flight was a 13 hour connect flight ( Kuwait – Dubai – Bangkok – Guangzhou ) booooriiiiiiiiiiiiiing my iPod battery died mid flight and the stupid sleeping pills i took where useless we landed in Guangzhou (“Qwan Shaw” as they pronounce it) to discover that no one in the airport is able to speak English our group was big with tons of luggage so we needed a big car which was almost impossible to find with sign language… i saw ppl standing in Que waiting for a bus so i asked the lady in charge does this bus take us here pointing at my hotel card… she looked at me and laughed while mumbling some strange words that sounded like some cats are fighting then called her friend … at last some one can speak a little ( when i say little i mean little ) English she said u should take bus number 5 and it will drop you at china Hotel which is near your hotel from there u can take a taxi. so we did … every time the bus stops at a station the lady calls the name in Chinese and stares at us as we roll our eyes untill i asked her “China Hotel ??” she said something i concluded it ment the next station.. as we stopped and went to collect our luggage from the bus we got swarmed by a mob of ppl trying to sell us mobile sim cards and other stuff one of them opened his jacket and showed us a list of hotel brochures i asked him about our hotel he said yes yes then he pointed at another paper and said cheeepoo hotel cheepoo hotel, i told him no i want this hotel can u take us there ? he agreed if we pay him first .. NO WAY HOZEY take us first then u get your stuff

thinking that he had a car that can carry us and our bags he pointed ahead..

Me : car there ??

Him : Xia Shaw MAw …

Me : Ha ??

Him: Hotel .. shaw maw

Me: Shegool hatha ??

Him : Yes yes ..

he made us walk to the hotel with our bags

it was about 150 meters from where the bus dropped us but on the other side of the road so we had to walk a longer way to get there..

at the hotel was another adventure trying to find the name of the person who had the reservation prepared for us and to explain to the receptionist that we have a reservation already almost an hour later the guy who did the reservation sent us his friends and sorted that matter.

after unpacking the bags and resting for a while we went to have our first meal at a recommended restaurant near us, food was great ( there goes our ton of bread ) oh and the weather was perfect little bit cold with spalshes of rain it can’t be better.

the next day our trip started.. u can guess where … of course Shopping ( thats what u get when u travel with Women ) the rest is all shopping one day we took a train to another city called Shinzin it was my first time to travel by train we took a VIP section so we all can be together there where a couple of chinese ppl in the same car with us i guess the lady was upset as we where a bit noisy for her ba3ad swalif Kuwaiteyeen galabna el car diwaneya the trip was for … of course SHOPPING.. but this time the tables Turned it was a place where us Guys had all the fun and enjoyed the women suffering … first complex was ok for them, the second was ok for both it had some little shops selling toys and magic tricks and other gadgets ,,, The Third complex however was their nightmare … guess what ..

it was the electronics and computers complex more than 8 floors of joy for me 😀 atlast shopping that i could enjoy

i was like a kid in Disney or Toys’r’us

don’t know where to start and what to get

on our way back the station was crowded and the entrance was closed

our translator asked the cop he said snow blocked the trains from their destinations and ppl are angry coz they got tickets and they can’t go home for the chinese new year celibration that was a few days later.. there goes our fun.. stuck in a remote city with no way to go back except for this train that we don’t know how to get back.

the translator asked us to stay while she finds a way back.. we stayed near a fountain taking pictures of everything that passed by … ppl started to loose hope , about 15-20 mins later she came back and said our gate is open and the train will leave soon but the catch was we had to walk all around the station to reach it.

as we got our tickets and entered the gate i saw the train was ready to move we all ran like crazy … i remember running so fast in the lead of the group ( i’m not even remotely athletic ) i guess its the survival instinct 😛

Finding Taxis was another nightmare at that time of year the city was crowded and everyone is shopping for the chinese new year starting on the 7th of Feb. finding a Taxi during peak hour is almost a miracle some taxis pass by without stopping as if we are invisible to them. usually at that time we are so desprate we accept anything, once we took a small bus that had no rear seats, other times we get charged double or even tripple just to get back .. ( Note to self : next time try to remember the bus numbers)

overall the trip was a good experience for me and i would like to repeat it in the near future but this time for sight seeing not for shopping.

Food was good our city is full of Arabian Muslim restaurants and other sea food good places.

i’m still suffering from jet lag my Bio clock is messed up i’ll continue this post later

Missed u all .. well not all of you as some where with us 😛 NI HAO, XIE XIE, many many ,

i leave you with this nice memory from china its a song i kept hearing there its called Bu Xiang Zhang Da (Don’t Want to Grow Up) by S.H.E

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