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Tagged By Shoush

Posted by on April 25, 2008
First time i do this stuff was bored so there…
Seven things I PLAN to do:
  1. Visit my Tailor
  2. Have a hair cut
  3. Buy a new mobile
  4. make a new budget
  5. Stick to the new budget
  6. Go shooting again
  7. Take a short vacation
  8. Learn to count till 7 😛

Seven things I CAN do:

  1. Can fly ( don’t beleive me ? jump and i shall save you )
  2. Run faster than the wind
  3. Write upside down / backwards
  4. See in the dark
  5. Say “خعاخع”
  6. Sleep with the lights on
  7. Read your minds ( yeah you think i’m lying )

Seven things I CAN’T do

  1. Read Minds 😛
  2. Not count to 7
  3. Fly
  4. Run faster than the wind ( never seen wind running )
  5. Aim with a faulty pistol
  6. Be a billionaire
  7. Watch House M.D. when my wife is sleeping :/ ( need to be on headphones )

Seven things I SAY the most:

  1. (To My Wife)يبيلي ماي
  2. ليش حر هني
  3. Hmmm..
  4. Ermmm..
  5. Grrrrr….
  6. Lol
  7. I noticed that i don’t have special words that i can remember … its all heat related either i’m thirsty or feeling hot… hmmmmm….

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