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Viva impossible | فيفا ماتقدر

Posted by on December 5, 2008

i booked a new number from Viva when they launched their campaign hoping to get a better service than the current Zain & Wataniya  providers.

yesterday i got 3 SMS from viva :

1) “عزيزنا  لقد تشرفنا بحجز رقمك في شركة فيفا ونهديك اولى مفاجئاتنا لك وهي استقبال المكالمات الدولية والأرضية مجانا.

Excellent 😀 its about time someone started this and it seems like Zain has followed their footsteps in this move…

2) “شكرا لحجزك رقم VIVA. لاستلام خطك تفضل بزيارة فروعنا في ارض المعارض بمشرف قاعة 8 و منتجع السليل  الجهراء. لمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء زيارة

Excellent, included in my friday plans

3) “Thank you for booking with VIVA. To collect your SIM card. visit us at Meshrif Fair Ground Exhibition Hall 8 & Slayil JAhra Resort. for more information visit

cool Multi language sms alright i’m going to get my SIM card they seem to be prepared 😀

Friday: i arrive at Hall 8 around 6pm the traffic was normal and i found a parking next to the place, oh cool cops are there to keep things smooth, i arrive at the gate to find around 200 angry people trying to get in the empty hall and 4-5 cop cars parked there and the cops are telling them “Khalas mako ta3alo bacher sa3a 10”  ( we are closed come tomorrow at 10) so the angry mob breaks up and all left disappointed, so i headed back on my way out i was shoked it seemed like half the population of Kuwait was heading there not knowing whats waiting for them 😛

Conclusion: i’m very disappointed with the lack of planning by VIVA, why do you send an SMSM to all the subscribers at once if you are not capable of handling them ? wo 3ala ray el mathal “اللي هذا اوله ينعاف تاليه” wo “خلك على مينونك لايجيك اللي اين منه

Advice to VIVA :

Change your logo to   VIVA impossible فيفا ماتقدر

VIVA impossible

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