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Wanted: Wife For Bojacob – Rules Updated :P

Posted by on October 12, 2008

Our friend Bojacob is the only “Human” co-worker left in our department that is still a bachelour ( G. i said Human so shush ).

This contest is set to find him a wife.


  • Participant age must be between 0.0001  & 999.999
  • Participant must have some geeky Genes
  • Participant must be willing to live new heights 😛
  • Participant must play Rockband ( Vocals priority ) <– this is to complete our band not for the current contest 😛
  • a C.V. must be submitted to the community for review and screening.
  • Participant will be subjected to intense interrogations and Quizzes to determine the level of Geekness
  • Winner will get $1000000 $5000000000 Zimbabwian Dollars in addition to Bojacob ( prize is not changeable or refundable )

P.S:  Forgot to mention participant MUST be a female

9213 hits on the site and still we cant find a wife for Bojacob ? cmon ladies use your connections

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