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Wanted: Wife For Bojacob – Rules Updated :P

Posted by on October 12, 2008

Our friend Bojacob is the only “Human” co-worker left in our department that is still a bachelour ( G. i said Human so shush ).

This contest is set to find him a wife.


  • Participant age must be between 0.0001  & 999.999
  • Participant must have some geeky Genes
  • Participant must be willing to live new heights 😛
  • Participant must play Rockband ( Vocals priority ) <– this is to complete our band not for the current contest 😛
  • a C.V. must be submitted to the community for review and screening.
  • Participant will be subjected to intense interrogations and Quizzes to determine the level of Geekness
  • Winner will get $1000000 $5000000000 Zimbabwian Dollars in addition to Bojacob ( prize is not changeable or refundable )

P.S:  Forgot to mention participant MUST be a female

9213 hits on the site and still we cant find a wife for Bojacob ? cmon ladies use your connections

33 Responses to Wanted: Wife For Bojacob – Rules Updated :P

  1. N.

    I’ll spread the word, we need to get Bojacob hitched.

  2. mjkout

    yeah that will teach him not to laugh on us again YArrrrrrrrrr:P

  3. chika

    lol at live new heights! HAHAHA! Sorry BJ ;p this makes me off the list then ;p

  4. Bashar

    Well if such female exist, I would fight Bojacob to death for it. And besides, marriage would make him leave your department 😉

  5. chika

    women absolutely don’t need to be geeks and if a woman like that exists, I will kill her myself! la laa

  6. mjkout

    chika: Lol rules are rules btw what happened to your FB ?

    Bashar: he will challenge you to a song of death on rockband 😛 you will !win that fight 😛

    chika: NOOO don’t kill her please punish her with Bojacob 😛

  7. Bojacob

    Come onnnn! I’m lenient! She just has to have three legs.

  8. chika

    LOOOL!!! 3 legs!? ok.. he deserves it then; MJ am there 🙂 quiet bas

  9. mjkout

    chika: cool found you again u disappeared for sometime from our profiles.

  10. Bojacob

    Since my 3 legs comment was about to get censored by certain conservative co-workers, I will rephrase and say she has to have two legs and an extra-

    Wait, that’s worse!

    Sheez, all you married people suck :p

  11. chika

    ok so “Qt”s people are innovative ;p wein Hammour then?! 7atta taktamel el jam3a

  12. Hammour

    grumbling & everything around me is crumbling by the sound of my voice!

    the awakening!!”who’s caling”! 😛

    Bojacobna?!! :P..
    affa 3aleek, ehwa ygool “bah” ! o yelga 1000 nerdiya jeddama! 😛

  13. e-man

    hahahaha Thats the funniest thing i ever heard…
    then we have to make a female version of you mjkout.

  14. mjkout

    Hammour: gal bah wo mah wo kilshay maskeen yala thab6a.

    e-man: lol that didn’t sound right… anyway there aren’t any female versions of me or i would have put on her a dishdasha and let her work instead of me 😛

  15. nemo

    lama telgaha goli :p

  16. Hammour

    Looool! MJ, it did not sound right at all! 😛

    hathi qe9at el bah was when my dad kan y7en 3alay, tezawaj, fe banat ktir ya m7ammad, enteh bes oul Bah, chan agolla BAH!.. ween?! mako! 😛

    Bojacob should try bahing bel avenues o hal places that i dont like 😛

  17. 3baid

    LOOOL @ Rockband vocal requirement XD

  18. NavyGirl

    guys guys come down , i think i know the right girl for him … Kout’s daughter looooooooool 😛 okay okay okay fine … let him be single for ever 😛

    by the way ahm shy g is not human loooool that cracked me up wala 😀

    i remember my uncle used to say i’ll never marry unless you find me a girl with a ” GREEN ” skin ! yeah green .. man the dude was nuts !! :S

  19. mjkout

    Navy : i don’t have kids 😛 , and who said G is not Human ? * inncent look * , did your uncle get married yet or should we make a post ust for him 😛

  20. chika

    Who’s getting married!?? MJK, make a post for Hammour and let’s see the specs you detail *wiggle eyebrows*

  21. blasha

    1-Bashar, it’s a SHE, not it!

    2-Chika, i’m a geek, come get me :p

    3-Bojacob, marriage sucks! believe me!

  22. blasha

    why G isn’t human?

  23. mjkout

    chica: Hammour has his own magic word *bah* to get thousands of wives he doesn’t need no post 😛

    blasha: let bojacob get married please, G is not a normal human he is a superduper human like intelligent being from a parallel world called Earthanium which produces a substance called tickly tackily tock that neutralizes his powers.

  24. blasha




    he looks normal to me :/
    normal guy with brains!!!!

    and NO, i won’t let Bojacob gets married! over ma dead body!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHA

  25. mjkout

    blasha: this is his undercover disguise and it worked after all 😀 brains are not the issue here 😛

  26. blasha

    well, maybe u can… but not to a kuwaiti gurl, most of them are DULL!

    and what’s his powers! i demand to know! NOW!

  27. Zabo0o6a

    Thaaaaat’s sweet !
    starting a campaign to find bojacob’s a wife 😉
    too bad i don’t fit in any of these :Pp

  28. mjkout

    ZaboOo6a: send in the C.V. and the committee will decide 😛

  29. Shoush

    When i come across her, i’ll be sure to bring her ur way. 😛

  30. mjkout

    Shoush: please do wo el age mo mohim tara 😛

  31. NavyGirl

    eee laaa 7ashaaa ma glt ;P

    and yep he got hitched ;P and nooo she aint got no green skin !!

  32. RockBandGuru

    5,000,000,000.00 Zimbabwe Dollars =
    2,409,631.042 KWD

    Hmm…. does that include the mahr?

    *thinks about it*

  33. mjkout

    RockBandGuru : if the conditions apply please step forward 😛 el mahr something else

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