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3 in one

Posted by on February 12, 2008

i bought this cool 800 fils USB fan that looks like a mouse with the wire connected in the rear end ( my theory is they tried to make a mouse then discovered that the wire was wrong so they made it into a fan ) from china to circulate the air in my Cubical ( and to freeze my neighbor Bojacob )

it turned out to be more useful than i expected, i’m using it to cool down both my MAcbook pro and its oven hot adapter when they are placed as in the picture and its working fine cooling me too  😀

no more burns ( yeah i burned my self with the adapter once when i fell asleep and it was near me )

Check out the picture ( ignore the mess )


10 Responses to 3 in one

  1. kaos

    where did u get the fan? seems interesting

  2. mjkout

    China during my last visit

  3. ge6awee

    Where did u get it frm, shakela ywanis

  4. ge6awee

    hehehe sry didnt read the coments, dnt they have them in kuwait or sumthin?

  5. ge6awee

    hehe sry didnt read the coments,, bas dnt they sell any in kuwait?

  6. Shoush

    Ya7lailhom il Chinese. Ma 5alaw shay.

  7. mjkout

    ge6awee: mawjoda la wo ba3ad tshib alwan maloot Hawalli ma khalaw shay bas farg el si3r i guess

    Shoush: bayeebli chinese sgheer a7i6a bil blog yaktib bidali

  8. Navy Girl

    ahm shy 😀 it looks funny bs odd 😀

  9. mjkout

    it looks like a computer mouse with the shower hose connecting it with the fan that looks like the dancing flower in some cartoon someday in my life, the other fan is yet to arrive with the boxes shipped in cargo ( if they ever arrive ) it looks stranger than this one

  10. lone.rangeress.63


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