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A fine day…

u might all have noticed the change in weather today… regardless of the massive amount of dirt on the cars around you that is. i got some decent pictures from my office window and some included Abid having breakfast at 4:00PM.. guess the fine weather made him forget to eat. P.S: That tiny thing was … Continue reading »

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Hello Again

Hello folks, now its that time of year to return to my beloved Blog Summary of events that happened since my last real blog : 1- 2 of our hamsters suddenly decided to stop being territorial and lived happily ever after and now expecting to have new babies ( that is after the big guy … Continue reading »

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3 in one

i bought this cool 800 fils USB fan that looks like a mouse with the wire connected in the rear end ( my theory is they tried to make a mouse then discovered that the wire was wrong so they made it into a fan ) from china to circulate the air in my Cubical … Continue reading »

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Weather in Kuwait

This morning was i left home and although the temp reading was 15c i could barley feel my hands and my feet where frozen never felt like this probably its a sign i’m getting old * Cough *,  i’m not a big fan of the heater as it tends to make my ears go red, … Continue reading »

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Pick a name…

i came back home today after spending the afternoon in Shuwaikh fixing my car and preparing it for the annual license renewal ( which i really really hate ) lets hope their computer works tomorrow and i don’t get any surprise tickets while i’m waiting for the print as usual. i finished at 7:30 headed … Continue reading »

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Fishing Trip

These are some pictures from our trip to 3oha island in Kuwait was a nice trip we had fun, on the way back i took some pictures of Kuwait City, Kuwait Towers. Check the flower at the back of the Trash car.

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Camping Trip..

Just found this on my external drive, its from our trip to Subbeya i think 2004..   [coolplayer width=”240″ height=”180″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””] Camping [/coolplayer]

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Eurika we found the reason for the dust…

During the rainstorm yesterday i suddenly bumped into a post ( NO not a light post Grrrr… leme continue then start getting your mind images ) it was a post of an old childhood friend i dropped her an email and she replied with an ancient photo of us ( 25+ years old ) this … Continue reading »

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Kuwait Weather … The Movie

If u missed The action here is the movie version compiled by MJKOUT.. [coolplayer width=”240″ height=”180″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””] Kuwait Weather [/coolplayer]

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No Its not a Fire… Its Just…

[mygal=weather] Don’t Panic this is not a fire … its just another 4 seasons day in Kuwait …. These pictures where taken within 30 mins …. i will keep on updating the images Stay Tuned ..   Photo By: MJKOUT Using my Faithful K800i

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