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And once again guess what … Exams

Posted by on January 22, 2008

Tomorrow is my last exam for this semester, and i’m supposed to be studying  but you know my evil soul always tries to distract me from doing so. luckily i ran out of animations and new downloaded movies, and the last game i played was civilizations IV which i finished first day so i had to study … until…..

my evil soul reminded me of facebook and this new cool app called sell a friend or something so i started buying and selling my pet friends the frigging thing is so addictive u should try it, visited some blogs dropped a comment here and there,  later i got reminded by the evil soul to check on my travian game account so i checked out my town and made some market transactions there to trade wheat with some stacks of iron, building up some new stuff ..etc.

finally i got bored form all these distractions  and actually started to stud.. now that i’m done i have no idea how to waste the remaining time :/   before i leave to China this Wed on an exploration family trip ( No Duh i don’t have chineese relatives i’m traveling with MY FAMILY )

While writing this post i suddenly heard a loud sound of glass breaking * Craaaaash * ..what could it be at this time of night …

i checked the Kitchen as the first place where something made of glass could exist   but nothing was there so i started searching for the source.. my computer room was excluded coz i was inside 😛

it was the bathroom … for some odd reason the glass cover on the ceiling light fell down and splattered into a thousand pieces well its about time to change it i guess.

probably i’ll get a replacement from China 😛

Wish me good luck

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