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3antar & 3abla

Meet my new little friends: 3antar-3abla

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Where is my Camera ? * UPDATED *

Finally my sweet camera is back from its long mysterious journey & guess what they still didn’t call me when it arrived i thought why don;t i call and check the guy said “yes sir it arrived yesterdaY APHTERnoon” anyway i don’t care anymore as long as she is with me 😀 (May 27th 2008) … Continue reading »

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My Baby just came out of Surgery…

today i received the new organ  for my baby after waitig for almost 16 days as it has grown too big for the old organ to handle, i had to perform the  surgery on my own as i do not trust all these wannabe doctors to play around with my baby. first i had to … Continue reading »

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Bad Karma ?

Today was a strange day full of unfortunate events some events are not recommended for the weak hearted viewers ( but i know u can’t resist it so here it is ) : it all started when my wife cooked a new dish to take with us to my father’s house we usually go in … Continue reading »

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And once again guess what … Exams

Tomorrow is my last exam for this semester, and i’m supposed to be studying  but you know my evil soul always tries to distract me from doing so. luckily i ran out of animations and new downloaded movies, and the last game i played was civilizations IV which i finished first day so i had … Continue reading »

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Operation: Door Jam

Date : Fri Aug 31st Time: it was night and dark how would i know Code name: The Door i went to lock my appartment door the key felt strange and didn’t move as smooth as it was before seems that the humidity caused the parts to rust a bit, it was time to change … Continue reading »

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Electricity & Water

Nice Combo != Safety [mygal=electricity]

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Crazy Prices

I’ve heard about crazy house prices these days but this guy went too far … [mygal=newsads] 1 million thousand 1000000000 KD ?? ( i don’t know if we have this amount in cash ) Source : Local Ads. paper

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Scary Movie ( Kuwait ) 18+

Don’t be scared, NO  its not Scary movie and NO there is no Shark waiting on the other side to bite your leg off … its just a normal daily view  between office and the parking place ..  [mygal=horror]

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