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AOU Excellent students ceremony

Posted by on April 4, 2010

Today was the annual ceremony for the excellent students @ AOU where they gather all students and their families and present them with special certificates for their good work. the Ceremony was planned to start at 10:00am but for some unforeseen reasons it started just before 12. One brave parent stood up and picked up the mic and said ” Salam 3alaikom, we are invited here to this ceremony but it seems the administration made a mistake in the timing it was supposed to be 11PM ” Lol i liked that he was speaking for all of us. The hall was too small for the amount of ppl invited some couldn’t find a seat even.

there where some speeches some where short others …well i’m not sure how long but i remember playing 2 games and finishing them and the speech was still there.. maybe i’m a super fast player..

anyway end of the day i got my certificate and thats the important part 😀

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