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Arabian Horse

Posted by on October 21, 2006


I bought this horse as wooden parts glued them together and abra kadabra i got a nice horse.

Photo taken By : MJKOUT

6 Responses to Arabian Horse

  1. Nourah

    ashkarra em7a9laa dakhel bethat kinder ;r

  2. mjkout

    Baithat na3amat kinder ily bit6ali3 7san hal kobra ..

  3. Nourah

    allah e3affy el zoom 3alla golttek ;r

  4. 3ametk

    يك يك يك يك .. فضيحة إذا صج طلعوا من بيض الكندر يا ولد …

    >>>>> ودها تحطك في شباك لجنة تقصي الحاقئق


  5. mjkout

    lol law fe bgarat kinder yimkin….

  6. mjkout

    lol 3afya deyaya ily bitbeeth 7san

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