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Avatar iMax 3D in Kuwait … Not Good

Posted by on January 11, 2010

last week i went to watch Avatar iMax version in 360, and i was so dissapointed:
1) compared to other 3D movies it lacked to real 3D effects that makes you reach out for them. ( except for the translaton line 😛 )
2) There are so many cut scenes for no valid reason .. probably just to make the film shorter so they can have more shows in a day ( compared to the downloaded version it seems the guy was randomly cutting )

3) The screen kept on going black from time to time during the show.
4) The temperature in the hall was high the 3D glasses kept on fogging

Recommendation: Either wait for the DVD to come out or go to see it on a Monday with the discounted ticket coz from what they did to the movie here its not worth the 4KD you pay for iMax

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