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Bad Karma ?

Posted by on March 14, 2008

Today was a strange day full of unfortunate events some events are not recommended for the weak hearted viewers ( but i know u can’t resist it so here it is ) :

it all started when my wife cooked a new dish to take with us to my father’s house we usually go in the same car but today i was supposed to go out with my friend go shooting and my wife was going to switch cars at my father’s house so we decided to go in separate cars.

i took the dish and headed to mycar coz my wife was late as usual i opened the rear door placed the dish and * SPLAASH *  half the dish was on the back side of my new car, things got messy i called my wife upstairs no answer then her mobile went dead.  i called home and told her about the little accident… and she got me a little towel ( my bad i should have made a big deal out of it)    during that time i started my car and heard a bang sound mixed with some screams and screeches then silence, went back to clean the remaining of the food and remove it from the floor. my wife still couldn’t find her mobile so she took the rest of the food and went on her way and i did so or not…

i put the gear on Reverse  and release the handbrake but the signal was still on steering wheel jammed … and the battery light was on too.. WTH !! its a new car ?

i opened the hood first thing i saw was a white slimy object sticking to one of the hoses and the engine belt  displaced… i knew what happened but needed to make sure so i looked below i saw it…

stuck in the corner…

yes it is the neighborhood ally cat … lying in my car i tried to move it but it was .. D. E. D.   DEAD… poor thing survived many fierce battles jumped away from certain death by KFC cars and neighborhood bullies  but it was the day … it died on Friday lucky cat  … somehow it managed to get inside and sleep near the belts and meet its maker with a flip of a switch…

i got my gloves and plastic bag and pulled it out it was a minor but fatal accident as it wasn’t stuck to any part ( you can skip this part if you like ) the belts seem to have caught the cat but its belly and snatched a piece out leaving it open with guts hanging outside.  i put it in the bag  may it rest in piece.

now the sad part is i can’t use my car tried to install the belt again but couldn’t  i know there is a screw i have to loosen but i’m not sure which one is it and didn’t want to mess with the car and void its warranty so i called the workshop they told me to tow the car tomorrow, my wife left already and her mobile is lost, everyone was waiting for me for lunch  there, so i called my mom and told her i’m not coming.

later my wife returned to pick me up but i was NOT in the mood to go anywhere, i went to the local repair shop in the area but with my luck he was closed too as its Friday afternoon…

went back home  changed my clothes washed my hands a zillion time  can’t take that image of the brave cat out of my mind… went to bed slept for an hour after i relaxed we went to my fathers house had my lunch with my wife and little Hawraa’   this time i gave her mashed potatoes  and for fun a slice of lemon ( i love the face she makes :P)  but as long as she’s enjoying it  its ok.

NOTE: sorry there are no images as the subject is already disturbing without them…

As my wife said “this cat sacrificed itself for you and took the evil away”  if that is true  may u rest in piece brave cat.

and to all of you out there remember to bang on your car before starting it next time.

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