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Banak… The Mystery

Posted by on November 10, 2006

“What is the English name for Banak?”

Banak is something the majority of Kuwait’s people enjoy eating especially during winter time, its some sort of seed with a hard brown shiny cover which after breaking gives u access to the nice salty green pulp inside it, actually its not salty by nature but it becomes salty during the process of preparing that involves soaking  and/or boiling in salty water..

Banak comes in different sizes…


medium ( Bulgarian AKA Jaw Breaker )

Large ( Turkish … AKA Dentist’s Nightmare )

Personally I prefer the medium/Large ones at least u get something that’s somehow worth risking the health of your jaws and teeth.. small ones usually crush and make a mess if u apply too much pressure.

For the past few days this question has been haunting me ” whats the English name for banak ? ” i searched all over the net it seems as it is a Kuwaiti invention or something…

So if u have any information about it please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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