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Brain popup blocker…

Posted by on April 20, 2008

Sometimes when i’m thinking about a solution for something the answer just pops up when i’m so tired and try to sleep and have no time or energy to test the solution, or it invades my dream still a bad time to try. or sometimes i’m trying to sleep then an idea just pops up and urges me to go google it, especially when i have a homework or quiz, just now i got one of these popups… how many possible combinations could you get if you have 8 objects and 8 positions if each object has to be placed on all the positions..

its my body’s way of saying to me you wana sleep and i’m fully recharged so lemme see how you will do this…for gods sake its 4:00am and i have to wake up in like 2 hours.. but to wake up i must sleep first who cares how many possibilities there are for 8 objects anyway …unless you are playing the musical chairs game and you are not a friend of the guy playing the music then you need to know 😛

i know deep in my mind that i have the answer but i’m not giving my body a chance to make me google this thing ( actually i did try to google it ) instead i’m writing this post.

i guess the answer is 8*8 posibilities or is it 8^8 I DON’T CARE I JUST WANT TO SLEEEEP

i need a popup  blocker…

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