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Crystal Shrimps

Posted by on October 18, 2006

These are some of my ( Late ) Crystal or Ghost shrimps they used to swim around my fish tank untill…..

they became really ghosts… we are still investigating with the other fishes to get the criminal untill then RIP my dear shrimps.

Pictures Taken by :  MJKOUT

6 Responses to Crystal Shrimps

  1. AlvinX

    Nice (GIANT) 🙂 shrimps , but can we eat them :p (j/k)

  2. AlvinX

    by the way did you check the bar where they hang in 🙂

  3. mjkout

    All suspects are dead … last one was the turtle…
    i guess we’ll never know who ate them along with the neon fishes..

  4. mjkout

    Btw they aren’t giants its the zoom 😛

  5. Nourah

    we ma3endekom salfa.. emkawedden 3alla esha6 …. o ham shakhbary kelmmat “sha6” et7ess mos6ala7at babayat 3eraqeya ;

  6. 3ametk

    البقاء لله هركليزو

    وبالإنتظار لمعرفة الجاني الحقيقي loooooooooooool

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