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Diabetes * a new hope *

Posted by on January 11, 2008

During my search for alternative medication for Diabetes i found several studies talking about the benefits of cinnamon .. yes cinnamon to help reducing and controlling Type II Diabetes.

i have personally tried it alongside with my medication and it helped reducing my sugar levels which the medication alone didn’t reduce.

These are some links :


Cinnamon Helps Stop Type 2 Diabetes

By Mike Hodge

American scientists have claimed that a teaspoon of cinnamon a day may help prevent the onset of diabetes.

The common spice could help millions of sufferers of Type II, non-insulin dependent diabetes. This condition usually develops in middle-age and prematurely kills 100 million people around the world every year. Type II diabetes causes cells to lose their ability to respond to insulin, the hormone that tells the body to remove excess glucose in the bloodstream. If glucose builds up in the blood, tiredness, weight-loss and blurred vision are some of the resulting symptoms. In extreme cases this can lead to blindness, heart disease and premature death.

Data from the Agricultural Research Unit in Maryland was first published in the New Scientist in August 2000. The researchers found that cinnamon rekindled the ability of fat cells in diabetics to respond to insulin and greatly increased glucose removal. It is believed that a substance in cinnamon called MHCP is the main reason for its beneficial results.

When mice were given MHCP, their glucose levels fell dramatically and tests on humans have begun this year. The researchers are so confident that cinnamon will have the same dramatic effect of reducing insulin tolerance in humans they recommend that type II diabetics should take a quarter to one full teaspoon of cinnamon per day.

Many Type II diabetics have already found a new feeling of well-being and improvement in health by using this simple cinnamon supplementation in their diet. Cinnamon has long been known as an “energizing” spice, and it is likely that increasing the intake of this common and cheaply available food will benefit even non-diabetics, if used as a daily energizing tonic.

The insulin resistance that leads to type II diabetes develops relatively slowly as the body ages and even those who have not yet experienced severe symptoms may have some degree of elevated insulin resistance.

Cinnamon is also a rich source of magnesium, which is essential for maintaining bone density, electrolyte balance, certain enzyme functions and many other crucial biochemical processes. Magnesium is also linked to the more dramatic forms of diabetes that occur earlier in life.

Much research has been carried out to establish a metabolic defect in diabetics that prevents the absorption of magnesium. As cinnamon provides a readily available source of MHCP, magnesium and possibly other beneficial substances it seems like a very cost-effective way of offsetting future health problems related to glucose/insulin imbalances as we grow older.

Cinnamon can be bought inexpensively in a convenient powdered form at almost any food shop and taking it couldn’t be easier: just use up to a teaspoon a day in milkshakes or fruit juice.

I personally take a half-teaspoon daily in this way every morning and can confirm a distinct energy benefit. Diabetics should always inform their doctor before taking cinnamon as it may affect medication requirements.

8 Responses to Diabetes * a new hope *

  1. Shoush

    Wow, mashala. That’s amazing. 3ad cinnamon tastes good. I’ve tried cinnamon tea and it’s really yummy ba3ad.

  2. :::ShoSho:::

    I heard about that it’s great!!.. My 2 year old son has type 1 bas i don’t think it does much does it..

  3. mjkout

    Shoush : yep it is Yummy , Tea , chewing gum , Candy , powder ( with harees ) at ast a medicine i can enjoy.

    ShoSho : sorry to hear about your kid has type I , but don’t lose hope there has to be something out there and soon we will hear about it, there are many researches to find cures for type I just look around and if u find anything share with us.

  4. tooma

    Hello, I just visited your blog and I can see alot going on with you. Regarding the cinnamon it’s helful for type 2 my mom suffers from that, it help a little in lowring her suger level, she is taking metformin and insulin which means nothing can really help anymore, but if you suffer from bloating which is common side effect of that disease, try the DIGEST MORE ULTRA it’s very effective enzyme formula. now I’m not sure if you can find it in kuwait.D id you go to educational classes for type 2?! >>shut up tooma << *_*


    tooma: welcome to my blog, i’m taking Amyrl pills now, sorry to hear about your mom, i read about “Renew Life DigestMORE Ultra” I’ll try to look for it locally in health supplement stores thanx for the tip 😉
    most of my information is from the web havn’t seen any classes yet,

  6. tooma

    You are welcome ^_^, well I’m not sure if Kuwaiti hospitals hold this type of classes for diabetic people, these classes are very informative, I went with mom to see how I can take care of her and it was 4 long, long days but it worth it! yes this disease is our best enemy and we should know how to live with it just like ISRAEL.

  7. mjkout

    tooma: i’ve been to a government diabetic clinic they had a good doctor where she explained everything she can about the disease but it was not a course just information, problem with government clinics is the loooong gap between checkup appointments. as you said its an enemy but i think its the worst one as it took many lives.

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