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Newlife: My first cup

I ordered a pack of Newlife tea after a friend recommended it yesterday. I just received the package Instructions: simple, get mug, put hot water, put the teabag and i brewed my first cup. Smell: has a herbal arouma Taste: is not bad almost has no taste. Reducing sugar levels: before:156 mg/dL (8.67 mmol/L) after … Continue reading »

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Which do you prefer ?

Many ppl love soft drinks other s hate them, but from those who love soft drinks some prefer the taste of one over the other and can know the difference  so please vote on:

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Tagged by BoJacob

Thanx for Bojcob i have to scratch my brain again scare the words out of their hiding places and eventually catch them and post them here this will take some time. The Rules: Link the person(s) who tagged you. Bojacob Mention the rules on your blog. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. Tag 6 … Continue reading »

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Weather in Kuwait

This morning was i left home and although the temp reading was 15c i could barley feel my hands and my feet where frozen never felt like this probably its a sign i’m getting old * Cough *,  i’m not a big fan of the heater as it tends to make my ears go red, … Continue reading »

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Diabetes * a new hope *

During my search for alternative medication for Diabetes i found several studies talking about the benefits of cinnamon .. yes cinnamon to help reducing and controlling Type II Diabetes. i have personally tried it alongside with my medication and it helped reducing my sugar levels which the medication alone didn’t reduce. These are some links … Continue reading »

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The Aziz Song

Today i went to my Father’s house for lunch after School, i found my little bro Aziz sleeping and suffering from FLU from all this weather changing, poor kid .. when he woke up later that evening we shared some of his Kinder surprise eggs “it was for him honest ” (not) [mygal=zizo] playing around … Continue reading »

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Good Bye my faithful Glasses…

2 weeks ago i injured my eye with a key, during the treatment the Dr suggested that i’m a good candidate for PRK Laser and i agreed on the spot to do it to put my faithful glasses to an everlasting sleep after the hard life it lived with me .. no more stepping on … Continue reading »

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