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Good Morning Kuwait

Posted by on December 3, 2008


Masha’ Allah Perfect Weather this morning seems some ppl really started praying 😛


i got my Drobo yesterday but didn’t get a chance to move stuff to it yet, was trying to figure out a way to make my macbook pro mount the shared ( FAT32 ) folder as a TimeMachine drive but till now no success.

Nothing is perfect:

on my way to work today traffic seemed to be less than usual some people seem to have skipped work already even before the loooong incoming holiday next week, or is it because Bojacob took his annual leave and is spending  90% of it mocking us and complaining about excessive sleeping hours he’s getting lately ( 3alaik bil 3afya.. i hate you.. i wish you get married soon )    anyway enough of the early morning hate 😛 as i entered our haunted underground parking lot a guy passed in front of my car.. there was something wrong about him.. what was it… OMG the hairy guy was Naked except for a towel on his lower body and another on his shoulder he either just took a shower or he’s on his way to take one. wasn’t a pleasant view at all 😛

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