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iPad case/dock hack

Posted by on May 18, 2010

i had a problem with my new iPad the genius who invented the case never thought that it might be used with a dock i guess he was in a hurry to have lunch. and its a pain to take out the iPad from the tight case.

i love the keyboard dock it makes typing much easier

there where 3 solutions for this problem
1: Buy the iPhone dock extension cable which is a male-female connector this would also solve the landscape typing issue. but the problem i don’t know where to find it locally and i can’t wait for it to be shipped.

2: Buy the wireless keyboard, then i will have to dump my fabulous dock with keyboard ( scroll up for real reason ) and its a bit pricy here

3: Buy a new case ( i will soon but due to “scroll up” i have to stick to this one for the time being) the original case is great to protect the iPad but it picks up dirt easily and its hard to clean so i’ll go checkout the available cases later

from these 3 options i chose picked option #4: to modify the existing case.

4: The extra leather edges on the bottom are the main reason that the dock connector is not able to reach the iPad connector, using my trusty tools i castrated the case..

still i was facing another problem that the back side is also adding a few mm’s keeping the connector away, i found a small peace of leather placed near the connector for support i guess. removed that stretched the leather on the back bait by inserting the dock inside it then removing it.

Abracadabra now the dock is working again 🙂

NOTE: it is stable as long as u don’t kick the iPad


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