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Kuwait Numbering Plan changer for Mac :) – Updated 23-09-2008

Posted by on September 20, 2008

As many of you already noticed mobile companies started with the new numbering plan,
on a previous post i created a csv file converter to change any number in a file to the new numbering scheme,
just now i finished creating an Apple script to update the AddressBook entries smoothly.

the script will do the following :
check for +965 , 00965 , 965 ( longer than 7 ) numbers
add the correct prefix based on the moc plan to each number
add +965 to Kuwiaiti numbers modified without having +965 previously.

To you use this script it is recommended to backup your AddressBook by opening the then File > Export > Address Book Archive.

Note :if you are using iSync to sync your mobile its recommended to sync before the backup then after you convert reset the device from iSync menu to prevent numberless contacts.

Download This Script and execute the script and it will go through your address book change the records according to plan.

Please feel free to drop any comments/suggestions

UPDATE : N. has made one for Windows check it out Here
Downloads/source & Change Log:
Version : 1.2 (recommended for partially edited address book by user AKA falantan )
1.2 source file
Description: Now checks and updates numbers manually edited by user ( i.e. 8 digit numbers 9xxxxxxx or 6xxxxxxx or 2xxxxxxx )
Version : 1.1
1.1 source file
Description: modified code to get rid of redundant if statements, should run a bit faster now.

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