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Operation: Door Jam

Posted by on September 3, 2007

Date : Fri Aug 31st

Time: it was night and dark how would i know

Code name: The Door

i went to lock my appartment door the key felt strange and didn’t move as smooth as it was before seems that the humidity caused the parts to rust a bit, it was time to change the lock.

The next day and get one of the fancy security keys with the knob from inside for the times when i come back home and my wife forgets the key in the door and goes to sleep.

Date: Sat Sep 1st

Time: Ok its not dark the sun was still there and i already had lunch so its … aah who cares what time it was

Codename : The Lock

after wandering around the Shuwaikh maze for some time ( before darkness ) i finally reached the place where all the locksmiths reside.. i went to quite a couple they didn’t have the lock i wanted and they forward me to their friends who still don’t have it and forward me to the other friend.. finally i decided to stop at a random shop and ask … and to my surprise he had the lock… i bought the lock after waiting for half an hour for the guy to finish with his other customers and went to another one to find a way to disable the other handle so the door would open only from inside in case we forget to lock it.. the guy gave me a gadget to fit in the door to fix this.. its already dark and i head home to install my new toys ๐Ÿ™‚

i replaced the lock tested it a couple of times worked fine sprayed it with WD40 to remove any dist test again.. hmm the lock jammed … i beat it up a little now its working fine

tested again all good .. the gadget didn’t fit the door ( as i expected and was too lazy to return it thought maybe i can use it in one of my crazy inventions later ) which made me relize how stupid i was i only had to cut the metal piece connecting the two knobs and make it shorter on one end and it worked like magic.

finally i fixed the door lock in place done a few tests all fine time to take a nap … was around 7pm when my wife was going to my parents house to visit when she called me from the living room and said the door won’t open ….

as usual i replied while sleeping ” JUST TURN THE KNOB AND PUSH THE DOOR IT WILL OPEN… ”





i saw the ” I TOLD U SO” look in her eyes but she didn’t say it…

i tried to turn it left right … nothing happened pushed the door … nothing happend

i pulled out my tool box and got my trusty rusty tools turned the knob and * SNAP * it came out

but the door is still locked …. i messed around with the lock for a while and started to get the cold sweat and feel trapped and disappointed :~( …

and as usual my luck struck … the house was empty my family was out for vacation , my cousin is my neighbor too was out, the handyman was sleeping tried to wake him up by banging his roof with some junk but no reply.. my brother in law was not available too so we are all alone trapped in the apartment.. finally i gave up it won’t open … decided to grab the paper and look for the lockpick guys.. ( Certified legal thieves ) found an adv. for a guy working 24hrs opening all locks doors, safes, cars…etc i gave him a call and explained the situation he said ok but i might damage the lock ( lol wait till he sees what i did to it from the inside ) i told him just come open the door and we’ll think about the lock later… i hung up and went back to my PC turned on WoW while he arrives.

15 mins later he calls me for directions to the house he was just around the corner and came up after a couple of mins knocking the door waiting for me to open it lol … i told him man can’t open this is the door i called about he started laughing. then he said i will start now .. i was expecting a drill and hammers ( like i thought i would open the door or break it and get a new one later ) but no…2 seconds the door is open !!!

i felt stupid dunno why …

but relaxed to be free again ๐Ÿ˜€

who messed with the lock a bit then he said “ok it is fixed now but we have to change the inner lock..” ( the one i destroyed viciously ) i told him nooooo wayyy here take this one from the other door just to be on the safe side he installed it and charged me for a crazy amount and left after testing and retesting the lock and making sure it works..

i installed the old lock to the other door tested it with door wide open * click * * click * * click * *Cli..* *C…* Jammed again … thank good i didn’t lock my self again this time i’m home alone as my wife left…

next day i went back to the same area bought a new set of locks for both doors and installed them and we lived happily ever after …

now i should never leave home without my key or due to my security measures i will be stuck outside forever…

Story Moraleย  : Never Lock your door again ๐Ÿ˜›

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