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Posted by on November 22, 2009

Night 1:
I arrived here at around 8:00PM and reached the hotel at around 9 after finishing the check-in procedures and unpacking my necessary gear for the job at night. i went out bought some stuff for the fridge mainly BIG bottles of water those little ones there are insufficient for my consumption 😛

after having a short nap it was time.. at around 1:00am i grabbed a cab and headed to our office the place is creepy at night finished my work and returned at around 2:00am slept like a dead zombie till next day.

Night 2:
i went to the Saudi version of Hawalli & bought my self a couple chips of 2GB RAM i hope the guy knows what he’s talking about or i’ll be stuck with some very expensive pieces of silicon 😛

i was Invited by some new friends to go out for dinner and try out the Real Saudi Kabsa and it was Awesome the place was called “Al Nathej” i really enjoyed it first was the Arabian coffee and dates then came the main course KABSA it was one of the best dishes i ever tried Thank you Guys :
Mr Nayef, Mr Abo 3amer, MR Omar & Mr Adel it was a great evening.

i Love this place 🙂
i’m leaving now to take alook at the malls around the area c ya later.

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