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This weekend & Power Failures

Posted by on November 22, 2009

i had a cool adventurous weekend, it started with Rock band with the gang (finally) then a rerun of annimatrix (thanx Falantan ) then a crazy run of ” little big planet ” which got interrupted by a call from my colleague who got trapped in the building after an unfortunate event of a Power failure caused by a leaking water pipe.

Next day i was preparing my bags for the business trip to Riyadh when suddenly the Power goes off.. i switch it on from the main switch.. moments later poof its out… turns out that Mustafa our handy man was doing some work in our neighbors apartment good thing i didn’t electrocute him.

I packed my bags headed to the airport boarded the plane escaping from all these power problems finally 🙂
the captain greets us “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard our *** airlines flight number *** blah blah “.. then he orders the crew to prepare for take off “Cabin crew prepare for takeoff” the engines start increasing in speed, the noise is evry where then … BZzzznnnnnn… another Power failure emergency lights come up … the plane just died on the runway motionless… ( guess plane was microsoft and needed a restart 😛 ) but no worries couple of minutes later it was rebooted 😛 and off we go 🙂

NOTE : you won’t be reading this if there was another Power failure during the flight, would you ?

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