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Welcome to the world of Java

Posted by on April 15, 2010

I’m usually not a Coffee person but this is about to change.
i few days back my friend was telling me about the Nespresso machine and how easy it is to make coffee with it using the cartridges,

i wasn’t interested in getting one until i saw the showroom the other day i was at 360 mall after watching “How to Train your Dragon IMAX” which was awesome btw.. oh i mentioned this already.

i instantly fell in love with the machine after i saw how easy and fast it is to make Espresso with it.


I Bought the Essenza silver that sits right next to me in my small office room at home, with it comes a sample of their whole collection which varies between different aromas and concentration.

I also purchased the Welcoming pack which you are entitled to when you first purchase a machine, the pack includes 25 different boxes of your choice each containing 10 cartridges in addition to a free Wooden box that is perfect to store a smaller quantity and present to guests, it also has a picture of the different types and colors with their concentrations to assist you pick your favorite taste of coffee.

After i bought the machine i did some research about coffee and Espresso in particular and i was amazed on how good it is for our bodies especially when not mixed with sugar or milk. READ MORE HERE..

So i guess i’m becoming a Coffee person after all 🙂


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