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Where is my Camera ? * UPDATED *

Posted by on July 7, 2008

Finally my sweet camera is back from its long mysterious journey & guess what they still didn’t call me when it arrived i thought why don;t i call and check the guy said “yes sir it arrived yesterdaY APHTERnoon” anyway i don’t care anymore as long as she is with me 😀

My Camera
(May 27th 2008) Last month my camera decided it doesn’t like me no more..
i took it to the workshop the guy gave me a small piece of paper with their telephone number and the extension, 3 days passed and no one called so i called them after 100 times finaly someone picked up and was asking me about the bill number, i explained to him that i was given this paper only, when he checked the system he found an old record back in 2006 related to a video camera and no record for mine, he said there is no other camera in the shop under your name, i was like was it a ghost who received it from me ? where is the guy on the counter ? so i got transfered 100000 times to 4 different people until finally i found “The Guy” he said oh yeah i know about your camera said we will check it and call you back in 2 hours, 5 hours later no one called so i called and asked about th guy “he is out”, “me: ok who else knows about my stuff” ” no body “, “me: what if this guy disappears or gets kidnapped by aliens u mean there is no way to track my stuff ? ” sorry sir no ” that was frustrating… later that day the guy calls me and said repairing it will cost 92KD and i have to pay 50 upfront and it will be shipped to Dubai…
the confusing thing was how the hell did he know it costs 92 KD when he didn’t even send it or actually work on the camera,
the repair price was a bit too high for the price i bought it, and the frustrating chase i had with them made me think repairing it ain’t worth it i’ll just buy a new one, so i told him don’t repair i’ll come pick it up… 5 days later i finally got time to go to Sony’s workshop they got me my camera and as i was going to take it i heard the voice o the camera calling me from beyond the twilight zone “Save meee….”
“Don’t let me die pleasee…..” “i shall be the eye of truth…”…
Poor thing was begging me to fix it so i asked the guy how long will it take ? a week ? 2 ?

he said “Sir mabye pour weeks or pibe, we will send it to Sony Dubaaay and den dey will send it to phaqtory” < --- if u didn't understand this and u have no philipino house keeper don't worry just print it and go to the nearest McDonald's to your home you will find a translator. so he kinda convinced me to repair ... me wanting him to refuse i said i will not pay 50KD upfront... i will pay only 40 ... it seemed like a good deal at that moment but there was no difference 😛 so he said ok no brolem sir, i asked him are there any extra charges or hidden costs he said noooooo sir only ninty two KD sir u pay porty now den u pay pipty 2... so i paid the amount and they said they will call me when its ready " yeah right as if any one really remembers ( read above)" he said ip you want to check call and ask por me.. ( i forgot his name ) 21 days later
as i was taking my gate pass ID from my wallet a small folded paper fell into my hand.. OMG its the camera paper.. isn’t it time ??

this afternoon i called them ” excuse me i need to check on my Minolta Camera” he interrupted ” ooh yes yes yes ” i got excited and all these thoughts of them getting it and loosing my number for some reason and my camera is waiting for me … BUT….
“Sir its not yet ready… we send it to Dubaaay and dey send it to phaktory… ” me:”where is the factory?” “maybe singapora or japan ” so when will it be ready ? ” i don’t know sir maybe a week or two ,, we will call you when it comes ” ( yeah right ) …

so i wonder what happened to my camera… is she ok ? or is she left in the damp shelves of some factory in the far east full of dust crying in the dark, is she dismantled waiting for some kid at a sweat shop to change the sensor and reassemble it with a bunch of screws left over the table.

only god knows…

until then please pray that my Camera survives its surgery and returns as healthy as the day i met her.

* Update * (june 22nd 00:00)
– I Called them the other day they asked Nando and he said ooh yes its still in da phactory i told them the due date has passed and it should be here a week ago… they told me oh we are sorry just wait … you waited all this time just wait a little more..

Conclusion : Sony found a top secret component in my Minolta Camera and are trying to sell it to some warlord in the black market but they couldn’t complete the deal as the warlord is a few dollars short due to the recent drop in dollar prices..

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