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Would u make up your mind please ?

Posted by on August 9, 2008

Our traffic lights are going crazy, i got this pic in a split second right after the lights went green and see what i got..

so is it green or red ? or Both even..

9 Responses to Would u make up your mind please ?

  1. N.

    This reminds of blue pill… red pill… choose your fate..

  2. Shoush


  3. mjkout

    e walla WTH

  4. 3abeer

    we have a traffic light close by that is suffering from the same disorder 😛

    I’ll take a pic and show it to you.

  5. mjkout

    yeah its a new disease called “tropicosconstantatioussuffukosTrafficoslitos” they say its contaigous and it transfered when u talk on your mobile without a headset in the car..

  6. 3abeer

    then i must need to see my physician

  7. Navy Girl

    allaaah wala that sounds nice lol 😀

  8. um-mit3ib

    ishara ghabeya ;p


    3abeer: did he prescribe the Bluetooth or the wired headset to cure you.

    Navy: soon you will get one in your area MOI will make sure of that 😛 .

    um-mit3ib : la 7aram maskena mareetha id3elha 😛

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