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3antar & 3abla

Posted by on February 11, 2009

Meet my new little friends:


9 Responses to 3antar & 3abla

  1. Ahmad AlRashid

    اذا الـــمرء لا يرعـاك الا تــكلفا .. فدعــه و لا تــكثر عـــليه التأسفا

    ففي الناس أبدال وفي الترك راحه
    وفي القلب صبر للحبيب ولو جفا..

    وليس كل من تهواه يهواك قلبه
    وليس كل من صافيته لك قد صفا

    فلا خير في خل يخون خــليله..

    و يظــهر له الـموده من بــعد الــجفا
    سلام علي الدنيا ان لم يكن بها
    .. صديق صدوق صادق الوعد منصفا

  2. mjkout

    Ahmad: thank you for this nice poem

  3. Ahmad AlRashid

    if i gave u

    Only 5 minutes
    To tell me every single
    Person that you love
    As a friend
    Would I be mentioned?
    Am I important to you??
    What if you died tomorrow
    And never got to be with
    The person you love
    What if I died tomorrow
    Would you remember me?
    What if we got into a fight
    Would we ever be friends again?
    Think about all the questions
    You would ask your friends
    If you died tomorrow….
    Would They Cry??
    Send this to at least 12
    Of your good friends
    Show them that you care
    Show them they mean something

    To you….

    Send it back to the person that Sent It to You
    If I died tomorrow….
    Would you care??
    How many one send it back to you?
    (1) Person… You’re a Crappy Friend

    5 People … You’re ok, I think

    10 People … You’re a good friend, I know you care

    12 People … All your friends CARE about you

    (13+) People … You’re the best friend ANYONE could **ve

  4. Da

    y7leeelah? or ya7leelhom…

    but i do have a Q wajeeh y3ni…
    I had a friend of mine who had a hamster too… she loved it to bits… had his own box of digestive and everything…


    sej sej

    shino il farg benah o been il faar? Laish inzabe7 il feeran o inrabee hamster?

    y3ni ga6oo i understand… katkook? Ba66a? even iguana which is a giant colorful brai3si ok…

    but hamster yekhar3neeeeeee china faaar! but the tail is cute, a little round thingy 😀

  5. mjkout

    Danderma: ya7lailhom they are a couple check the rest of the album, al7en colorful brai3sy ok wo brasi3sy 3ady u kill ?

    el hamsters shway anthaf min el far wo they are funny to watch when they play + some ppl see them as cute 🙂

  6. Navy Girl


  7. Arabianlady

    ketakeet ;P.. Allah y7afeth’hum 😀 !!

  8. Butterfly Chick

    Cutttttttttttttttte !!

    I really adore animals <3

  9. mjkout

    unfortunetly 3abla died while giving birth & 3antar became Rambo killing anyone who enters his cage .. until recently

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