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Eurika we found the reason for the dust…

Posted by on April 12, 2007

During the rainstorm yesterday i suddenly bumped into a post ( NO not a light post Grrrr… leme continue then start getting your mind images ) it was a post of an old childhood friend i dropped her an email and she replied with an ancient photo of us ( 25+ years old ) this is the photo before and after…


i know i should have kept the window closed when i cleaned the photo sorry for all that dust guys…

4 Responses to Eurika we found the reason for the dust…

  1. Valencia

    It’s good to see your site. Keep it up. BY the way, if you were my sister’s childhood friend, your brother (M) was my favourite kid in the family. Say hi to all.

  2. mjkout

    Heyyyy Long time where have been ?
    Thanx for dropping by 🙂

    Inshalla yousal

  3. Nourah

    eeh 7atta ana salemlley 3alaihom ; …

  4. mjkout

    Allah esalmich Noura… :/

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