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Exams Once again…

Posted by on January 12, 2008

oh yeah its that time of year again where i “have to” study for final exams… weird thing at this time everything other than studying becomes so interesting even the boring tv shows become sooo funny.

i started watching an old cartoon  series ” Faris al Fatha’ ” or “Captain Future”  to remember the past ( more than 25 years ago ) but hey its still nice to watch 11 more episodes to go Yippeeee…

Captain Future

3 Responses to Exams Once again…

  1. Navy Girl

    good luck with studying .. you can watch whatever you wana later .. so get back to study now !!

  2. Ruby Redux

    I miss the old cartoons! I want them back…

  3. mjkout

    i think u caqn find most of them online or Hawalli maybe.

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