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How to quickly save multiple pictures and videos in Messages for iPhone and iPad

Saving pictures and videos in the Messages app for iPhone and iPad doesn’t have to take forever. If someone sends you multiple photos and videos and you’d like to save them, there’s no need to do it individually. Thanks to the Messages app, you can save multiple pictures or videos to the Photos app all … Continue reading »

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My Name is Khan

This is indeed one of the best movies i’ve seen recently, its a must see movie for all, it has a very good story we miss in movies these days. Don’t want to spoil it for you who haven’t seen it yet ( GO WATCH IT NOW ) IMDB Link All i can say … Continue reading »

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منقول – أغنية فريج و قصة القصيدة بص العيايز

كعادته مر سريعا, لم يلحظ أن أحدا يرقبه ويتابع سيره, ولو لاحظ فإنه لا يهتم كثيرا, فكثيرة هي العيون التي تترصده وتسكنها الحيرة من حركة الباص في مثل هذا الوقت. كانت الساعة قد جاوزت الثالثة مساءً, وكان سائق الباص يقود شاحنته مسرعا, ويتوقف عند كل بيت. ضجيج الباص وصوت المنبه المرتفع, يجعل السيدات يتحركن مسرعات … Continue reading »

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Exams Once again…

oh yeah its that time of year again where i “have to” study for final exams… weird thing at this time everything other than studying becomes so interesting even the boring tv shows become sooo funny. i started watching an old cartoon  series ” Faris al Fatha’ ” or “Captain Future”  to remember the past … Continue reading »

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!Swimming With Sharks…

These guys are the Top of the food chain they are amazing. Took these pictures at the in Kuwait [pluginpicasacumulus id=”5189549714171684721″]  

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iMac uMac ?

Hello again been a while since i wrote anything here reason for that was i’m busy playing with my new “BigBoy Toy” the MacBook Pro simply it does all i want for now 😉 . i’m enjoying the GarageBand application mixing up sounds and getting some cool music here are some samples hope you like … Continue reading »

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Power Saving

[mygal=powersave] At 10:20 last night i passed by NBK branch i noticed their power saving campaign “Think Twice .. as much as us save as much as it will last ” cool thing but why are all the branch lights working at that time and no one is inside ? probably running ghost accounts ?! … Continue reading »

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Math Magic

    Here’s a way to multiply numbers visually! Suppose you want to multiply 22 by 13. Draw 2 lines slanted upward to the right, and then move downward to the right a short distance and draw another 2 lines upward to the right (see the magenta lines in Figure 1). Then draw 1 line … Continue reading »

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