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Fishing Trip

Posted by on July 2, 2007

These are some pictures from our trip to 3oha island in Kuwait was a nice trip we had fun, on the way back i took some pictures of Kuwait City, Kuwait Towers.
Check the flower at the back of the Trash car.

4 Responses to Fishing Trip

  1. Nourah

    3ajeba le9war mashallah… baroo7 lakin : … lakin 3ad nemsa7 ethabab min 3ala el3adassa ;r …
    lakin eshqe9at sayarat lezballa akher shai :

  2. mjkout

    Sayarat lizbala 7a6en waraha warda safra …

  3. mjkout

    el thabab 6abee3y mo min el 3adasa … :/

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