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My Baby just came out of Surgery…

Posted by on April 20, 2008

today i received the new organ  for my baby after waitig for almost 16 days as it has grown too big for the old organ to handle, i had to perform the  surgery on my own as i do not trust all these wannabe doctors to play around with my baby.

first i had to make sure my baby will remember everything after the operation so i recorded all his memories,

then i got the operation tools from my friend Bojacob , i shut his eyes and put him to sleep then the slicing and dicing started  bones cracking, blood splashing  it was horrific and messy  opening the chest of your own baby ripping out his old organs implanting the new ones in  patching up the mess …

just kidding the operation was smooth and painless it took around 10-15 mins, then teaching him back his memories took around 2-3 hours.   now my baby is alive and kicking with much more space to breath 😀

Heey don’t freak out i’m talking about upgrading my MacBook Pro Hard drive from 160GB to 320GB

Thanx Bojacob for the Tools turns out all my screw drivers didn’t fit  ( btw there where no extra screws 😛 )

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