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Google Reader ( A bless or a curse )

Ever since i started to use google reader to follow my fellow bloggers my comment rate went down dramatically.. The good thing about it is that it collects all the blogs i like to follow in one page, but i’m too lazy to go to the original page to place my comments. So to all … Continue reading »

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My Baby just came out of Surgery…

today i received the new organ  for my baby after waitig for almost 16 days as it has grown too big for the old organ to handle, i had to perform the  surgery on my own as i do not trust all these wannabe doctors to play around with my baby. first i had to … Continue reading »

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Good Morning Apple…

i woke up this morning feeling sad that the holiday has come to an end and the next holiday is not due till next month and for one day only, anyway i got dressed up for work the street was crowded as always i arrived at work checked my e-mail and got the adv. from … Continue reading »

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The Aziz Song

Today i went to my Father’s house for lunch after School, i found my little bro Aziz sleeping and suffering from FLU from all this weather changing, poor kid .. when he woke up later that evening we shared some of his Kinder surprise eggs “it was for him honest ” (not) [mygal=zizo] playing around … Continue reading »

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iMac uMac ?

Hello again been a while since i wrote anything here reason for that was i’m busy playing with my new “BigBoy Toy” the MacBook Pro simply it does all i want for now 😉 . i’m enjoying the GarageBand application mixing up sounds and getting some cool music here are some samples hope you like … Continue reading »

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Date Time Calculator

This is a tool i made to compare Dates and times usefull for : – knowing your age – comparing ages with your family and friends – calculation of over time durations ( attendance , overtime …etc ) and many more. هذا برنامج بسيط من تصميمي يقوم هذا ابرنامج بالمقارنة بين تاريخين  او اي وقتين يتم … Continue reading »

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