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Scary Movie ( Kuwait ) 18+

Posted by on June 17, 2007

Don’t be scared,

NO  its not Scary movie

and NO there is no Shark waiting on the other side to bite your leg off …

its just a normal daily view  between office and the parking place .. 


7 Responses to Scary Movie ( Kuwait ) 18+

  1. Bashar

    WOW… do you work in souq al kaber 🙂

  2. Mjkout

    bit closer we use al wataniya as a parking

  3. white wings

    for God’s sake, where do you work at??
    i sure hope the office looks better than the way to it 🙂

  4. mjkout

    i work near some taaaaaaaaaaaaaaall building in Kuwait city.

    well the place i work in has 2 parts one is new where we work and the other attached to it is …. Ghost town .. its even scarier than the parking

  5. Nourah

    ta3leqatkom 3ala blog eshwaya : … kho eshfeh el3arabby ;/

  6. Macaholiq8

    Damn. :/

  7. madona s


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