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!Swimming With Sharks…

Posted by on January 7, 2008

These guys are the Top of the food chain they are amazing.

Took these pictures at the in Kuwait

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6 Responses to !Swimming With Sharks…

  1. lone.rangeress.63

    are u actually contemplating swimming with sharks?? is that ur idea of a new year’s resolution;P one question…why? id understand jumping off an airplane, but swimmimg with sharks, that’s way overboard!

  2. mjkout

    Lone : lol please take note of the ! infront of it this is ( not ) in terms of programming what am i crazy to swim next to the king of the sea ? … we’ll i migh t be a bit crazy but … ok i admire these guys only behind a 30cm thick barrier 😛

  3. Shoush

    Sharks are the bullies of the sea. Dolphins, on the other hand, rock it!

  4. mjkout

    No they are not 🙁 sharks are cool they keep the sea clean and only eat sick or dead fish, forget about the movies “Jaws” and others go watch the Imax movie about sharks you will love them

  5. Shoush

    Hmm, fine. I’ll giv them a chance. Nonetheless, they r not friendly. Dolphins are the cutest.

  6. mjkout

    They are Friendly they just have to taste anything that moves notice that they only bite they never eat a human … we taste bad for them.

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