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The Aziz Song

Posted by on December 12, 2007

Today i went to my Father’s house for lunch after School, i found my little bro Aziz sleeping and suffering from FLU from all this weather changing, poor kid .. when he woke up later that evening we shared some of his Kinder surprise eggs “it was for him honest ” (not)


playing around with Garage band again i made him this dedication i called it Aziz

[coolplayer width=”240″ height=”180″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]

The Aziz Music

5 Responses to The Aziz Song

  1. عمه فطومه

    شغل عدل مدل …. (*_*)كمــــــــــــــــــل

  2. Shoush

    Ya7lailaa ur bro, so cute! Mayshoof shar inshala. This this flu moo im5alya a7ad.

    Nice tune. But a bit slow..

  3. :::ShoSho:::

    Sooo cute!! I love Kinder too it’s ok lol! Sometimes I buy toys for my kids because I love them e7m e7m.. there’s a kid in all of us.

  4. mjkout

    Oh its not only me ? 😀
    so its ok if i go buy them “for Azooz” then pretend i didnt find him and open the eggs and start playing ??

  5. :::ShoSho:::

    of course its ok lol!

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